UEFA Nations League - Football

UEFA Nations League

UEFA Nations League championship held by International. Championship competitors: 3 clubs. This season in leaders league are as follows:

Croatia - 0 points, 0 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws.

England - 0 points, 0 wins, 0 lost matches, 0 draws.

Spain - 0 points, 0 won matches, 0 no-point matches, 0 draws.

As of 18.10.2019, standings show that clubs are in the following intermediate zones:

Relegation - Croatia

Playoffs - England

UEFA Nations League (International) most dangerous scorers in contest are as follows:

Aleksandar Mitrovic (Serbia) has scored 6 goals

Haris Seferovic (Switzerland) has scored 5 goals

Stanislav Dragun (Belarus) has scored 5 goals

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